Packaging Solutions Attaching Value On The Future

As SESA Plastik, we set a premium on the future! While protecting your products and the effort you put into during the production, we adopt a sustainable production approach that protects our nature and our future. We provide packaging solutions that are supported by high technology and both protect your products and preserve the future.



Product and Service Quality


We never compromise on quality in our R&D processes, production lines, packaging and transportation services. Quality always lie at the heart of our business to ensure customer satisfaction. We rely on our versatile service quality approach in SESA customer communication.

Speed and Agility


We rapidly make production by strictly following time schedules without compromising on quality. If there are new orders during production, we quickly adapt ourselves to the changing situation and stand out with our capability to respond to the last-minute orders.



We closely follow the innovations in the packaging industry. We are working to provide the best solutions to our customers with our strong and well-versed R&D team.

Customer-Specific Packaging Solutions


Each product requires different packaging. Therefore, it is essential to develop different packaging solutions specific to the product. We evaluate our customers’ demands quickly and develop products that fit their needs.

Flexibility in Production Quantity


Thanks to our flexibility in production quantity, which is an important part of our sales strategy, we are able to respond to our customers’ small and medium order quantities.

All-in-one Manufacturing


We are very confident of our production quality! The reason is that we have gathered all production processes in one place. We carry out all stages of production from graphic repro to packaging products under uninterrupted controls of our expert team.


Recyclable Packages
Retort Applications
Meat – Seafood – Dairy Packaging
Pet Food Packaging


Research & Development

SESA, one of the first companies to introduce Mono PE recyclable packaging to the market in Europe, is the first company in the world to introduce recyclable retort packaging to the market. One of the outstanding achievements of our R&D team is that they have developed compostable packaging solutions in domestic conditions.

Packaging Specifications

Air Holes

Air holes of 1-2 mm diameter in pouches allow the air inside to outflow, thereby preventing pouches from exploding.

Anti Fog

It is a process that prevents fogging in films.

Corona Treatment

It is a heat treatment procedure that ensures the durability of expiry date imprinted on the packaging.

Easy Openning

With the application of laser scoring process, proper opening of package through the notch is ensured.

Euro Hole

It is the hole that allows pouches to be displayed on the hangers at sales points.

Front Zipper

It is a zipper application that allows packages to be opened from the front side.


It makes your product easily noticed on the shelves by making packaging surface look glossy.


These are patch & punch out holes that enables holding pouches easily.

High Barier Laminate

It is a high barrier packaging solution. It is used in pouches and films and prevents oxygen ingress.


It is the triangular-shaped mold that is used in doypacks and allows the bottom bellows to be connected with the pouch.

Laser Score Microperfoation

Microperforations made using laser technique provide ventilation and extend the shelf life, especially of vegetables.

Medium Barrier Laminate

It is a medium barrier packaging solution. It is used in dairy products, especially in cheese etc. and prevents oxygen ingress.

Paper Touch

It allows the package to be opened easily from the edge.


Microperforations made using laser technique provide ventilation and extend the shelf life, especially of vegetables.

PP Zipper

It is a heat resistant zipper solution.


It offers a design with matte surface.

Round Seal

It is the round-shaped mold used in doypacks that allows the bottom bellows to be connected with the pouch.

Round Corner

It is a packaging solution that does not contain sharp edges. It is the technique of rounding the four corners of pouches.

Senso Grip

It provides easy opening and closing with triple (three-canals) zippers. It prevents air flow into the pouch when zipped.

Soft Mate

It offers a design with matte surface.

Tear Notch

These are the notches for opening the package and do not require scissors.


Unprinted packaging products are also available to our customers.


Unprinted packaging products are also available to our customers.

Weld Seal

It is suitable for the packaging of delicatessen products where sealing is very important in terms of hygiene and freshness.


It is the packaging zipper that makes it easy to open and close the product.

How We Work?


Designs That Add Value to Your Packaging

With years of experience in the industry, our graphic design team comes to the forefront as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced graphics departments in printing adaptation. The designs of our business partners are ready for printing with the highest quality in the fastest way through the professional service that we offer.


Customer Satisfaction First

Our experienced team has every order manufactured at the highest quality in our facility in line with customer requests and makes it ready for shipment.

Quality Control

Manufacturing with High Quality Standards

Our team responsible for quality controls ensure that every order is manufactured correctly and at the same quality by controlling the quality sntadards of each product manufactured in our facility in line with the demands of our business partners.